October 30, 2020

Youth SAVE

Youth Suicide Assessment in Virtual Environments (Youth SAVE) is created through a partnership with Oregon Pediatric Society, Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Program, and Oregon Health Authority. Youth SAVE is designed for mental health professionals who work with children and youth. Participants should have an advanced level of education, skill, and/or experience in mental health with children and youth and are currently working with this population. With a focus on equity and anti-racism, participants will be equipped with tools and skills to assess, intervene, and safety plan in a virtual environment while working with a young person thinking of suicide.



If you are interested in getting trained, becoming a trainer, or would like to learn more about Youth SAVE, contact:

Tim Glascock, MPH
Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs
Office: 503-399-7201
Cell: 503-367-3754


If you are looking for Youth SAVE trainings or trainers, please click the following links:

Youth SAVE Trainings
Youth SAVE Trainers