January 30, 2019

2021 Legislative and Policy Priorities

These are AOCMHP’s 2021 Legislative and Policy Priorities

AOCMHP Policy Priorities for the 2021 Session

One-Pager detailing the Behavioral Health System Reimbursement Challenges in Oregon

HB 2086: Appropriates moneys to OHA for programs that provide culturally specific services that are directly responsive to and driven by people of color, tribal communities and people of lived experience. – AOCMHP Testimony in Support

HB 2508: Requirements for reimbursement by OHA and CCOs of health services delivered using telemedicine. – AOCMHP Testimony in Support

HB 2949: Requires OHA to provide incentives to increase recruitment and retention of mental health workforce. – AOCMHP Testimony

HB 3046: Specifies behavioral health treatment that must be provided by CCOs and covered by group health insurance and individual health plans and restricts utilization review criteria for behavioral health treatment. – AOCMHP Testimony in Support

HB 3123: Directs OHA to evaluate specified issues related to certified community behavioral health clinics. – AOCMHP Testimony in Support

One-Pager describing HB 3123Strengthening Oregon’s Behavioral Health System by Leveraging Federal Support to Sustain Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics

HB 5024: Pertains to state budget expenses. – AOCMHP Testimony

SB 295: Fitness to Proceed – AOCMHP Testimony in Support

SB 579Guardianship